Monday, January 27, 2020

The First Entry of The Armory: The Vitiat's Claw & Vesture.


  1. Very cool, why doesn't it ignore mage armor and natural armor though?

    1. The short answer is for balancing, but I'll elaborate on my logic in that. The dagger is, in essence, able to get through armor due to its non-physical nature. It would be akin to stabbing someone with a handful of smoke until it hits flesh. Magical armor, I imagine, is more like a complete physical ward. The dagger would be less adept at piercing that ward. And natural armor normally functions as one's ability to dodge blows or manifests as scales/bark/etc. Those tie into the flesh of the target, so either case means more "work" for the dagger to get through the hide.

      Also, thank you for the comment!